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Is your new live-in partner financially efficient?

Your new partner is about to move into your home. Now what? Is your new love partner financially efficient? Or, are you losing money from a new live-in arrangement? There is a lot written on the web about moving in together: tips and recommendations on how set up a new home together. But, what if someone […]

Life Timeline

Life TimeLine Template

Life TimeLine Template Life TimeLine Template is a foundation document in preparation for divorce. Get the template here. Organize your life events: date of cohabitation, marriage, property sales, children birth dates into a one-page document. This will save you money on intake interviews and improve meetings outcome.  

Women's Centre of Halton

Women’s Centre of Halton Annual 2017 Awards

Oakville, Ontario,  December 7, 2017 – This is the time of the year, Women’s Centre of Halton is holding its Annual Holiday Dinner for its volunteers. It’s a very special time of the year for dedicated and passionate women-volunteers to meet each other. Door prizes, festive spirit, warm hugs, and annual service awards – are […]

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Press-Release on book launch “How to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage. Financially.”

Revolutionary personal finance guide on money and relationships Check the book trailer at  

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How much does working parent REALLY make?

Immigration into a working parent matrix Like many of us, I immigrated to Canada with big dreams and aspirations. I was dreaming about a new car, fancy clothing, and working from the glamorous premises of a financial establishment.  When I landed a decent job with the bank, I could not be happier. It wasn’t until […]


CHANEL purse vs. Stock Options

There is something magical about Chanel purse. But this is not what some men think. Unfortunately. There is also a lot of fun to own some high-risk stock options. Fortunately, most women know little about it. Let’s see. I never made any serious money on the stock market. But, I am a lucky owner of […]

child care costs, divorce, Section 7

My Million Dollar Child – completing Section 7

MY STORY: Over a decade ago, while fighting in court on a $17,000 date-of-marriage deduction, my ex-husband and I had completely missed the importance of Section 7. We could not imagine that our child care cost would end up just a bit short of 1 million dollars. Mind you, we did not have anything like […]

Divorce and Taxes

CRA Tax Status & Divorce: Separation Date

The CRA and Family Law have different definitions on what is considered to be a separation date. For example, under a Family Law’ definition a couple living in the same house, with a number of qualifying circumstances, can be considered separated. This is important for property division. However, it’s after you physically move out to […]


RRSP & Divorce; hidden wealth

As a financial advisor, I could never agree with ubiquitous RRSP propaganda in Canada. I always spent time educating my clients about the pros and cons of this program. However, when it comes to a property division due to a divorce, registered retirement savings plans represents a huge opportunity for spouses with different marginal tax rates. […]

Family budget

Budget & Divorce

Budgeting is one of the most popular New Year resolutions in North America. Spending wisely, tracking daily expenses, and avoiding costly credit cards are on everyone’s agenda in January. Regrettably, all this enthusiasm evaporates by the middle of the month. Why? Lack of specific financial goals and no practical knowledge about budgeting are the culprits […]