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Organize your Home Office like a Pro

Everybody wants to be financially secure and in control of their life. For some, this is a predictable income of $3,000 per month, for some – private boats and jets.

What is universal for any household is that the neat and functional filing system is a must. Being in control of your papers leads to healthy financial positions. The latter leads to less stress and good health in general.

In this video you will learn about my signature home office filing system that saved me thousands and earned me tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

For your quick reference, here is the:

10 DOS and DON’T on Home Office organization

1. DO have a designated physical location for your filing cabinet. Having a designated home office is ideal.

2. DO have unified hanging folders with TYPED labels.

3. DO use colour-coding to highlight all 9 categories reflecting your life.

4. DO keep receipts and warranties separately with item over $100 (or else, as per your choice) in a separate folder.

5. DO keep your personal and business papers separately.

6. DO keep your personal papers if you married late in life being both accomplished people.

7. DON’T use broad categories like “Bills” “Utilities” “Investments”.

8. DON’T use the specific name of the stores, banks; it’s too general and confusing.

9. DON’T mix your personal and your children’s data, especially health and investments records.

10. DO keep the current year folder for your income tax from the beginning of the year and file all the documents there during the current year.

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