We have outlined several strategies to help lower your cost of living. While there are many more ways to do this, we have concluded these 5 items are the most effective.

Strategy No. 1

Consider using mental health professional such as psychologist to alleviate your emotional pain.
Most group insurance plans cover those services up to certain limit.

Strategy No. 2

Fighting with your spouse may not be financially beneficial.
Consider mediation and collaborative law as options to traditional adversarial litigation.
After all, the more money you spend on legal process, the less will be left to both of you and your children.

Strategy No. 3

Organize your financial papers like a pro. You don’t need to repeat end Case Conference and reschedule new ones because some documents are missing.

Strategy No. 4

Having to sell your matrimonial home is expensive, but keeping it may be even more costly over the long run.
Detach your emotions from your home to see what’s right financially.

Strategy No. 5

Have your financial goals for post-divorce life. If you know what you would like to do and where you would prefer to be, you can better negotiate today.