FRO Form-007

Statement of Arrears in the printer

Sometimes not everything is going a per plan and Family Responsibility Office (FRO) Statement of Arrears (FRO-007) has to be completed to enforce action. Payments have to be specified monthly and interest calculated for number of days outstanding. I personally tried to submit simplified interest calculation, but my forms got rejected twice for different reasons. Forfeiting interest did not seem fair either. Therefore, after trouble-shooting the process with my own file, I have finally figured out the accurate and sleek way to submit these calculations to FRO.

The trick for me was to deduct interest on the payments received as they never matched the table amount of $266/month. Some odd months they were $500.00 or $350.00, followed by years of $0 payments. Well, the good news, that now I can confidently offer this service to my list of offers.

Estimate time: min 2 hours consultation, and additional 30 min for every year of arrears over 2 years.