Divorce Financial Analysis

Fairsplit uses several different financial planning tools, including proprietary AFDS Perspectives™ software.  We can provide you and your family lawyer with number of financial projections for 5, 10, 15 years for both spouses cash flow and net worth changes.

Why is it important? 

If you think about it, your support payments, government benefits are not static and will change as your children grow older. So will your expenses. For example:  summer camp, tutoring, speech therapy, and orthodontist. These expenses are significant, but not always present at the time of separation. Long-term projections will illustrate you the changes going forward, help open up important conversations on support payments and Section 7 special expenses.

How much does it cost?

With an hourly rate $150.00 plus 13% HST, you can have a report completed in 5 hours. This implies that the Budget and Section 7 (Form 13.1) Net Worth statements are completed and don’t require verification. Fairsplit will provide you with guidance and templates to accomplish your task in affordable and efficient way.

Should you require extra help completing the above mentioned templates, Farisplit will provide you with additional financial planning coaching. It will add extra cost in a short term, but will pay off over time. Having a good grip over your personal finances will save you money, empower your with knowledge and confidence.