Tatiana Terekhova, CFP, RRC, CDFA, CFDS

President of FAIRSPLIT


From 2003 to 2005,  I endured a painful and financially devastating divorce. When I initiated the separation, I had no idea how difficult and prohibitively expensive this process would be. Like most people, I hired a lawyer (actually, a good one), but soon realized his lack of certain financial knowledge was a huge hindrance to reaching the fair outcome I desired. As a result, I ended up representing myself for the duration of the process. This pivotal decision not only saved me financially but also helped me realize that most people initiate separation without a solid financial plan – or any plan at all.  

I want to stress that I do not recommend self-representation, as it is a tremendously risky and difficult process that very few people can manage. 

Throughout  the past decade (2005-2014) I worked as a Financial Advisor with CIBC Imperial Service, serving affluent clients throughout GTA. During this time, I specialized in developing  life transitioning financial plans. I advised clients on their financial affairs in retirement, career change, marriage, and, sadly, divorce. Nothing moved me more than seeing financial wealth dwindle due to the series of poor decisions. 


I started FAIRSPLIT Inc. to pursue my two passions: personal financial planning and helping others overcome the financial challenges of divorce. I will confidently navigate you through the labyrinth of statements, guide you through the process and help you to avoid financial pitfalls. Don’t let divorce ruin you financially!

I am fluent in Russian and English. You can find out more about me on LinkedIn: