With the NCAA College basketball tournament now behind us, and the “madness” dissipating, newly minted basketball fans and unsuspecting Lithuanian’s might be left scratching their heads as to why they’ve lately heard the name “Stauskas” more often than even “Valanciunas.” The two definitely have lots in common. For one, they’re both young basketball stars on the rise, making waves in their respective leagues. Valanciunas, consideres a top prospect at the 2011 NBA Draft, was drafted 5th overall by the Toronto Raptors. His game has been consistently improving, with Valanciunas just recently setting a career high 26 points, 12 rebounds in a win against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Stauskas meanwhile, known for his impeccable shooting, took his game to another level in 2013-14, adding an effective dribble-drive game to his unmatched razor-sharp shooting skills en route to averaging 17.5 points, 2.9 rebounds and 3.3 assists