Women's Centre of Halton

Women’s Centre of Halton Annual 2017 Awards

Oakville, Ontario,  December 7, 2017 – This is the time of the year, Women’s Centre of Halton is holding its Annual Holiday Dinner for its volunteers. It’s a very special time of the year for dedicated and passionate women-volunteers to meet each other. Door prizes, festive spirit, warm hugs, and annual service awards – are all part of the program.

Women’s Centre of Halton is located in Oakville, Ontario and welcomes women in need for support. Various professionals are volunteering their time at the centre by providing regular workshops and seminars. Great resource for women not to be missed.

Fairsplit is one of the dedicated volunteers. I provide monthly workshops where participants have a chance to ask their questions, share financial concerns and see “how-to” instructions from a certified divorce financial analyst. I am actively using my working templates and guides.



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